Live This Day Birthday Book

Live This Day Birthday Book

How many new beginnings have you had in your lifetime? How many chances to start again, to try something different? You're granted a new beginning with each new year, with each new job, new friendship, new season. You start anew every single time you wake up, pull back the covers, and set your feet on the floor.

Live This Day is a birthday book of questions and reflections, and once completed, is something to be cherished.

Of all the new beginnings you receive, your birthday is unique. It's a time to remember the year that has passed, to anticipate the goods times yet to come, and to delight in the fact of you in the world. Your birthday is a time to ask important questions and dream big dreams. It's a time to look back in appreciation, to look forward with joy, and to embark on a new journey with hope and expectation.

Celebrate this beginning. Chart a new course, and welcome your own new year as a blank book whose pages are ready for everything that's still to come.

Book size: 140mm x 190mm, 72 pages

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